THURSDAY’s Split Personality

Our THURSDAY dark lager has caused quite the stir amongst Bavarian beer lovers, and that’s not just because it checks so many boxes of brilliance! Beer aficionados remain divided on making a definitive call on THURSDAY’s classification. We can however confirm that the AND UNION THURSDAY dark lager is officially a 'Munich Dunkel Lager', and it’s easy to see why it is often associated with its cousins – the Schwarzbier, the Dunkelweizen (and even the milk stout). 

The THURSDAY lager is arguably the black sheep of the AND UNION family, enjoyed by those with a refined palette who are looking for more complex undertones in a beer. If you’ve indulged in the 'THURSDAY feels' by sitting back and sipping on this smooth lager, no doubt you will have picked up on the rich aromas and flavours, and the dark copper glow. 
The main culprit behind any confounded classification confusion? – THURSDAY's compelling colour kaleidoscope, with it’s moody appearance of freshly steeped coffee, topped with a silky cream foam. The dark complexion of THURSDAY has led some to think it is a Schwarzbier! While we appreciate the comparison to our beery brethren, a Schwarzbier is actually quite different from a Munich Dunkel lager. Dunkel directly translates to ‘dark', and the beer gets its deep flavour profile and deep colouring from the dark Munich malt which is added. The malt and authentic Bavarian ingredients, combined with our intricate brewing process, give the beer roasted and toasted aromas, with hints of caramelised orange peel and dark berry. 

A Schwarzbier on the other hand, is one or two notches darker than a Munich Dunkel lager, and even darker than a doppelbok. It is the darkest of German Lagers. The name Schwarzbier literally translates to 'black beer', and the flavour profile is slightly more bitter than a Munich Dunkel because of the hops profile. A Schwarzbier is also drier on the palette and is more hop-centric whereas a Munich Dunkel is more malt-centric! 

THURSDAY’s carefully selected hops include Hallertau Perle, Select, Tradition and Mandarina Bavaria hops, leaving the palette with notes of dark fruit and umami. The lager is actually quite light and fresh, and maintains a bouncy and citrusy finish despite its darker appearance. 

A Dunkel, also referred to as a Munich Dunkel lager, is not to be confused with a Dunkelweizen. A Dunkelweizen is a dark coloured wheat ale, similar to a Hefeweizen, which is essentially a crossover of the two. The dark tones of the Munich Dunkel also lead some to suspect that it is a milk stout, blasphemous! A milk stout is a rich and creamy beer that is brewed from lactose, which does not ferment in the brewing process. This results in a thicker and sweeter finish, far off from our smooth and crisp unfiltered THURSDAY lager. 

As we say, brewing beer is a serious matter – drinking it however, is the fun part! So let’s all pour a glass and agree - no matter the opinion, THURSDAY is a crackerjack-of-all-beers you can pair with an array of delectable flavours that resonate with the darker, more caramel tones of this complex and refreshing lager, including teriyaki, burgers, steak, wood-fired pizza, aubergine, roast vegetables and oysters. 

At AND UNION, we incorporate our modernist aesthetic and design philosophies with the traditions of authentic Bavarian brewing to deliver such unique beers like THURSDAY, and we can all concur – from hops to mouth it's the perfect product of Bavarian craftsmanship.  

German heart, German soul.