Limited Run British Brewed Beers

Introducing AND UNION’s extended foray into brewing in the United Kingdom – The New Days Range – a limited run range of beers currently available in the UK only.

Continuing our design-led approach to bringing exceptionally brewed beers to the world and having sensed an opportunity to collaborate in the UK with local talent, we chose this range as the perfect opportunity to work with innovative partners and launch a capsule of lager and ales that matched our Bavarian roots. Following a serendipitous connection (read about it here )with award-winning London contemporary design agency, SPIN (@spin_studio) the idea of an extension to the AND UNION core range based on our brand’s iconic geometrically-driven identity was brought to life. Starting with HEYDAY and evolving this thinking across the range – NEW DAYS was born. 

"We tried a few different approaches, and settled for one that basically uses the geometric shapes that are part of the AND UNION logo and reconfigured them on a grid, but in a playful way.”

Tony Brook, SPIN

Animation from @spin_studio

Catapulted into action by the constraints of Covid-19, we felt compelled to explore this thinking further, and the resultant identifies for GREENDAY and WORKDAY took shape. Utilising the base shapes that make up our AND UNION 'Smiley' – the triangle, circle and square – all feature in their own unique way on our set of tactile can designs, with these three forms having now evolved into our new, proudly-British Brewed beers.

"We like to think we can challenge the status quo with every new project."

 Image from @spin_studio

As the foundation of the beer trio, HEYDAY’s logo is perfectly constructed to embody the brand, consisting of all three shapes of the AND UNION Smiley. This 4.4% ABV British lager with a Bavarian twist, boasts smooth, light and refreshing flavours. 

Animation from @spin_studio

GREENDAY, our new cheeky, juicy and hoppy 4.2% ABV IPA is designed using only the triangle, representing greenery, nature and trees specifically. WORKDAY on the other hand, is made using just the square, symbolising the buildings and rigidity of the classic work day. WORKDAY is also a lower-bodied 3% ABV ale, so you can stay focused and in charge!

Image from @spin_studio

Our brewing collaboration took a similar discourse when Bavaria met Britain and we partnered with two British breweries whose approach and ethos matched our own. Enter Round Corner (@roundcornerbrewing) and By The Horns (@bythehornsbrew) breweries, two of the country’s most formidable brewers, carefully selected for their attention-to-detail and love for brewing great beer.

Our hope is that you have as much fun drinking these as we did working with our friends to bring them to life.

Built around our strong heritage, AND UNION continues to break traditional barriers by engaging with communities who demand craftsmanship over mass production. Think of us as Old School, New Cool – available in 17 countries across four continents – analogue beer for a digital world.

Past Perfected in the Present.