Our Story

AND UNION is our Modernist Bavarian Beer portfolio.

A collection of genuine Bavarian craft beers endowed with the legacy and integrity of the Reinheitsgebot (German Brewing Purity Law) – and yet designed, crafted and packaged to appeal to a modern, global, contemporary palate and lifestyle.

As the world speeds up, we refuse to rush. Our brewing processes can take up to 8 weeks, working hand-in-hand with small fifth-generation, family-run Bavarian breweries.

AND UNION is informed by the past and its traditional brewing processes and methods, and simultaneously inhabits the present, with its modern taste, packaging and positioning. It comprises the wisdom and method of the grandfather and the passion and innocence of the grandchild – from trusted local Bavarian farmers to London’s boutique hotels and clubs, encompassing generations, from the proverbial ‘organic farm’ to a sophisticated and refined drinking experience.

Our ethos is the combination of a deep appreciation for the past, and a passion for a better and brighter future: The Bavarian code of purity and integrity colliding with the spontaneity of punk, new wave, the avant-garde and the modernist mantra.

AND UNION is your proud beer of choice, endowed with an unequivocal sense of provenance, place and ancestry, yet always looking ahead – the past perfected in the present.