Thursday & Saturday … but actually, any day will do for you. Digging deep into our Bavarian roots for three versions (all unfiltered), bursting with flavour in cans and bottles. Monday (available October) tastes just like the weekend, but is alcohol-free for responsible drinking.


A rich, toasty & complex yet light bodied & refreshing unfiltered dark lager. Warming you up for the weekend!

Colour: Freshly steeped coffee, silky cream foam.
Aroma: Toasted malt, roasted nuts, dark berry, caramelised orange peel.
Palate: Rich dark roasted malt, dark fruit, umami.
Finish: Light & bouncy citrusy hop freshness, hints of bitter chocolate.
Hops: Hallertau Perle, Select, Tradition, Mandarin.
Pairings: Teriyaki, stews, burgers, wood-fired pizza, roast vegetables, oysters.

ALC: 5%
IBU: 20
Format: 330ml can and bottle


An old school lager. Unfiltered, unpasteurised & bursting with flavour.
A Supremely versatile pairing with weekend festivities

Colour: Hazy, pale straw.
Aroma: Fresh hay and lemon rind.
Palate: Malty citrus and brioche.
Finish: Biscuity smoothness with crisp hop freshness.
Hops: Hallertau Perle, Select, Tradition, Mandarin.
Pairings: Appetizers, spicy foods, calamari, oysters, prawns, pork chops, salami.

ALC: 5%
IBU: 19
Format: 330ml can and bottle

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