Introducing our first foray into beer brewing in the United Kingdom – HEYDAY – our easy-drinking, 4.4% tap lager especially crafted for the traditional British pub and restaurant trade.

Brewing beer is a serious matter. Drinking it however, is the fun part, so here’s our disruptive lager that emerged out of challenging times in 2020 to celebrate companionship and camaraderie. Live your Heyday!

As a design-led brand, always conscious of our modernist values, we sought suitable innovative partners to launch a lager that matches our Bavarian roots. As the world went into lockdown we opened our creative outlets and found the perfect design and brewing collaborators to help us focus on the potential of what could be.

Twenty minutes after emailing the award-winning London contemporary design studio SPIN, they replied that they were in! Renowned for delivering clear, elegant design solutions, the studio’s creative team is led by founder Tony Brook and design director Jonas Zieher. Both sharing a particular prowess in bespoke typography, it also helps that Tony lived in a brewery during his formative years as a designer and Jonas grew up in the beer savvy south of Germany! SPIN took our colourful and geometric corporate identity as a starting point to formulate the up-beat and eye-catching design for HEYDAY.

Next, Bavaria met Manchester as the heritage and community pillars of the JOSEPH HOLT brewery resonated with our own fifth-generation, family-run breweries. Creating excellent beer since 1849, Joseph Holt have crafted HEYDAY Lager with their traditional method: Bottom fermented at a low temperature using multiple continental profiles and cold-conditioned at a maximum of two degrees centigrade for a minimum of two weeks prior to earth filtration and keg packaging.

HEYDAY is essentially a British lager with a Germanic twist; light, smooth and refreshing, created with Holt’s own yeast, English lager malt, with German hops added later to add a very gentle spicy flavour and floral aroma. The perfect combination of our two worlds.

Built around our strong heritage, AND UNION continues to break traditional barriers by engaging with communities who demand craftsmanship over mass production. Think of us as Old School, New Cool – available in 14 countries across four continents – analogue beer for a digital world, Past Perfected in the Present.

HEYDAY is a limited UK release only.